Why Wednesday?

Wednesday is my favorite day and that’s because when I was a kid my Nana would come over to our house on a Wednesday and cook us up a big feast for lunch. Me and my four sisters would all walk home from school during lunchtime to be greeted by home-made mince pies, butterly cakes and cream and jelly, hand cut hot chips and lots more. Nana was an incredible cook and we were in heaven come Wednesday lunchtimes... read more

    It's a Golden Winter

    Tonight as I write these words I can hear a tap, tap, tapping as my steam puddings dance in their big pot of simmering water. And guess what? They’re not just any old steam puddings – I’m talking golden syrup puddings! It’s been years since I’ve had a tin of golden syrup in the house but a month or so ago we were filming an episode of World Kitchen (due back on air SOON on TV3!) and I had decided to make a pecan pie, which required golden syrup. I delighted in purchasing a big old tin of the stuff. Sure, you can buy it in plastic squeezy bottles these days but that’s not for me. I like to prize off the lid with a spoon to reveal the liquid gold, dripping in big sticky raindrops from the lid.
    Growing up,  mum used to make a pudding nearly every night and steamed puddings often featured. The plum ones were ok but a bit tart, the raisin ones meant we were running out of bottled fruit and the golden syrup ones? Well they just seemed like the best ones by a mile. I couldn’t figure out why we didn’t have these all the time.

    Now I love being all grown up because it means I can have golden syrup puddings as often as I want! So go on, dig out your Edmonds Cookery Book (page 213 in my edition) and whip one up, they’re worth the effort. I up the butter, reduce the sugar, use a little less flour and make them in individual little ramekins. Now that’s how to turn a cold winter golden.  


    Cook, eat and enjoy!


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    added: 19-Aug-2009