Why Wednesday?

Wednesday is my favorite day and that’s because when I was a kid my Nana would come over to our house on a Wednesday and cook us up a big feast for lunch. Me and my four sisters would all walk home from school during lunchtime to be greeted by home-made mince pies, butterly cakes and cream and jelly, hand cut hot chips and lots more. Nana was an incredible cook and we were in heaven come Wednesday lunchtimes... read more

    New Eating Adventures

    A blog I follow (Gluten Free Girl) once went AWOL for three months and on her return she confessed she’d fallen in love and had been too preoccupied with romance to write her blog. Another one, Tobie Puttock, took a similar break due to his busy life running the fifteen restaurant  and charity organistation in Melbourne. I swore that if I committed to writing a blog I would never leave my readers hanging for love or busy-ness. Brave words! Here I am trying to work out where the time has gone between updates - one month I was enjoying Christmas 2009 with the family in Central Otago (oh those beautiful, tussocked hills) and the next thing you know it’s April 2010 and I’m in Japan oohing and aahing over the sushi and spring blossom in Kyoto! Here’s the thing – our cooking show World Kitchen got the go ahead for series three so, wait for it, I’ve been to Mexico, Jamaica and now Japan eating some of the most fantastic food and getting so inspired by all the new flavours and dishes I’ve been trying. Favourite food experiences thus far? Being shown how to make my own tortilla in Mexico, eating jerk chicken straight off the fire in Jamaica, slurping ramen noodles in Kyoto. Travelling on your tastebuds really is a culinary adventure. Whether it’s to visit a far off country or just your local ethnic restaurant or even through the pages of a recipe book, trying food outside your usual is a great way to feel refreshed. So go on, try something new this week!

    Cook, eat, enjoy!


    PS The sensational photo was taken by the talented Martha Jeffries aka best director in the world!  

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    added: 30-Apr-2010