Why Wednesday?

Wednesday is my favorite day and that’s because when I was a kid my Nana would come over to our house on a Wednesday and cook us up a big feast for lunch. Me and my four sisters would all walk home from school during lunchtime to be greeted by home-made mince pies, butterly cakes and cream and jelly, hand cut hot chips and lots more. Nana was an incredible cook and we were in heaven come Wednesday lunchtimes... read more

    Peaceful Cooking

    "A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety."
    J.M. Barries.

    Such wise words. Too many people I know see cooking as a stressful experience.
    As we start to get busy leading into the last quarter of 2009 and as the season gets busy my advice is to keep it simple when cooking - think nourishment, ease and simplicity.

    Cook, eat and enjoy!
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    added: 16-Sep-2009