Why Wednesday?

Wednesday is my favorite day and that’s because when I was a kid my Nana would come over to our house on a Wednesday and cook us up a big feast for lunch. Me and my four sisters would all walk home from school during lunchtime to be greeted by home-made mince pies, butterly cakes and cream and jelly, hand cut hot chips and lots more. Nana was an incredible cook and we were in heaven come Wednesday lunchtimes... read more

    TV Show "World Kitchen" is Back

    Series two of World Kitchen starts this Sunday on TV3! This series is even better than the first one I reckon and features some of my all-time favourite locations – New Orleans, Amalfi  and Ubud.
    I also got to hang out with an old friend who now lives in LA and he was great at helping me find amazing food experiences for the LA episode.  Oh the fun we had filming  - Gus couldn't believe how much I could eat and coined the phrase "eating athlete" to describe my new profession.  And yes, that’s fine by me. Travelling the world eating, cooking and writing about food to inspire others to cook feels like the perfect job just now.

    Enjoy the show (TV3 @ 5.30pm Sundays) and I hope it encourages you towards the kitchen – trust me, all the recipes are easy as and delicious beyond belief. 

    Cook, eat  and enjoy

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    added: 14-Oct-2009