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New Zealand has some of the most incredible fresh and local ingredients that can be used to make different dishes. So keep an eye on the seasons and cook what’s at the your local market, in your vege garden or dropping from the neighbours’ trees. Here’s what Nici has been making from local ingredients. ...view recipes

In multicultural Barcelona Nici goes on a food tour of the city – including a tapas session in the city markets and a trip to a traditional Spanish restaurant. Famous for paella, Nici has a lesson in making paella on a central city rooftop. Back at home Nici shows us how to make tapas and sangria – simple to prepare and great for entertaining...view recipes

Often dubbed the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon is known for it’s fine cuisine and star chefs. Nici visits gourmet French markets, has a chance meeting with a French master and helps out in a busy bistro. Back at home Nici show us how to cook gourmet French food perfect for a special occasion or entertaining....view recipes

Nici visits Tuscany, a land known for it’s fresh and simple approach to cooking. There she faces the ultimate cooking challenge – preparing Italian food in an outdoor kitchen for some locals. Back at home Nici prepares some rustic Tuscan favourites that are incredible in taste and flavour....view recipes

After hitting the surf in Kuta Bali, Nici manages to get an invite to a family home for a taste of traditional Balinese food. Back in her kitchen Nici demonstrates how easy its to make a delicious curry from scratch and prepares an impressive desert platter with everyday ingredients. ...view recipes

Food is at the epicentre of Vietnamese culture. In Hanoi Nici finds out that anywhere you can fit a plastic stool and a gas cooker you will find gourmet delights whipped up right before your eyes. Back at home Nici prepares some classic Vietnamese favourites...view recipes

Bangkok is known for it’s diverse range of delicious street food. Nici samples what the city has to offer, from morning markets to the bright lights of China town. Back at home Nici recreates for us some Thai favourites with locally attainable ingredients...view recipes

In a country that invented the tradition of the diner and fast food, follow Nici as she seeks out the latest food fads in LA and explores the rich and spicy history of Cajun and Creole food in New Orleans. ...view recipes

There’s a whole world of inspiration out there. Check out the recipes that Nici has collected from her travels, restaurant visits, markets and friends to bring back to her kitchen at home. ...view recipes