Where it all began...

Born in New Zealand and growing up in a large family, Nici was cooking as soon as she could reach the bench top. “My nana and mother were so supportive and encouraging of us kids getting in the kitchen and cooking that I owe them a huge thanks.”

At eight years old her favourite make-believe game was to play host of a cooking show where she would showcase various recipes – Russian fudge, pancakes, chocolate cakes -  from the family kitchen. In 2009 make-believe became reality when she became the presenter for World Kitchen, a new, fast-paced, cheeky travel and cooking show. 

Nici has trained as a chef and has run her own catering business but mostly her extensive knowledge of food and cooking comes from travelling the world, learning new ways of cooking and eating. 

“My way of travelling is not to do art galleries and museums. I do food. I experience a place through tasting the flavours, by watching who and what’s cooking and picking up ideas and tips so I can recreate and relive the experience back home. When I return from a trip I don’t bore people with photos, I do it with food: ‘Here, try this, it’s something I had recently in Thailand at this amazing early morning market’! And I love showing others how easy it is to make a truly heroic dish.”